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Manuel La Rosa
Manuel La RosaSystems Analyst

Mr. Manuel La Rosa is a hardware and software technician at CIPLC. He is in his second year here and enjoying every moment of it. Currently he’s in the last period of study to get his degree in systems engineering at the Politécnico Santiago Mariño. In his free time, Mr. Manuel enjoys playing basketball, volleyball, swimming, mountain biking, graphic design and programming software. He is also the proud father of a boy and uncle of six nieces and nephews.


John grew up in Los Angeles, California where he graduated with Bachelors degree in Liberal Studies and Masters degree in Education from California State University of Los Angeles. Prior to teaching in Kuwait for four years as a computer and homeroom teacher in grades 5 and 3, he worked as a substitute teacher for three years in various school districts in Los Angeles. His time working abroad has given him great travel opportunities to visit several countries. In addition to traveling, during his free time, he enjoys cycling and playing his viola among other things.
John Kintanar
John Kintanar Technology