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Colegio Internacional Puerto La Cruz (CIPLC), established in 1997, is a private, co-educational American international school located in Barcelona, Venezuela. CIPLC is a Pre-School through Grade 12 school that emphasizes a rigorous college preparatory education, rich in the humanities, mathematics, sciences, arts, and physical education. We believe that students grow and develop best in an atmosphere that is respectful, safe, and welcoming. Our school understands and values diversity and multiculturalism. We believe that education is a shared responsibility among   students, parents, and teachers. We are dedicated to providing students with the skills, knowledge, and values necessary to be caring, productive, and successful individuals.

All courses at CIPLC, with the exception of Spanish, are taught in English.  An American school character is maintained, with US compatible curriculum (Common Core, AERO, NGSS, ISTE) and educational materials used at all levels of the school as well as North American methodologies.   CIPLC is fully accredited by the Southern Association of College and Schools (SACS). AdvancED/SACS. We strive to maintain small class sizes of 12-15 students taught by a majority of North American trained and certified teachers from the US and Canada, to enhance academic excellence.The educational program will permit students transferring into and out of CIPLC to maximize their educational and social development while living in Venezuela.

CIPLC is composed of four divisions: Early Childhood Education  (Pre-School, Pre-Kinder, Kindergarten), Elementary School (grades 1 to 5), Middle School (grades 6 to 8), and High School (grades 9 to 12). Graduating seniors earn an American high school diploma.

The Early Childhood Education (ECE) department offers education for our youngest learners. Our ECE is currently comprised of Pre-School (age three years), Pre-Kindergarten (age four years), and Kindergarten (age five years).

Our ECE team is dedicated to offering the best education for our youngest learners. Each class has one lead teacher and one instructional aide. Additional teaching assistants are active in our literacy program to provide small differentiated groups in multiple areas of literacy, such as phonics and concepts of print. This team of teachers and aides work and plan collaboratively to ensure an individualized and developmentally appropriate learning experience for each student, in addition to aligning the overall ECE program.

Students at this level are engaged in language arts (reading and writing in English), mathematics, social studies, science, art, music, sports and movement, technology, and Spanish programs throughout the day. Diverse learners are provided with various tasks and activities that develop their fine and gross-motor skills, as well as their critical thinking abilities, predilection towards creativity, and, ultimately, their readiness to enter elementary school.

The Pre-School and Pre-Kindergarten typical school day begins at 7:50am and ends around 1:30pm when the busses arrive. The Kindergarten school day is 7:50am to 3:00pm, the same as the rest of CIPLC.

The Elementary classes at CIPLC are first through fifth grades, similar to most elementary schools in the United States. The class sizes are small, less than twenty students in each class. In order to keep a low student to teacher ratio, team teaching is emphasized. Because of our collaborative approach to planning and teaching, this means that our students benefit from the expertise of many.

The language of instruction is in English. English Language support, literacy support, technology, and 21st century learning skills are all interwoven into the classroom experience.

Elementary students at CIPLC are offered a wide range of subjects outside of the core curriculum such as: Spanish, Music, Sports (P.E.), art, and technology. Perhaps one of the best aspects of being an Elementary student at CIPLC is the individualized attention while still participating in a larger community of learners!

Elementary students start their day at 7:50am with a meet and greet in the main Gecko dome. Including lunch and a recess, their official school day ends at 3:00pm. Most of the elementary students are involved in after-school activities ranging from cooking to roller hockey and other sports.s

The CIPLC Middle School (MS) provides a thorough education to students aged 12 to 14 and comprises the 6th, 7th, and 8th grades.  Most grade levels have no more than 16 to 20 students, with some exceptions every now and then.  The primary aim of the program is to prepare students for the more competitive rigors of high school, developing in them more independent and methodological approaches to studying, in other words, learning to learn.

Academically, the MS curriculum consists of courses in Science (Life, Earth, and Physical), Math up to algebra, Social Studies, and English.  Further, a rotating set of quarter-long courses (collectively called The Wheel) is taken throughout the year, made up of Junior Model United Nations (JMUN), Wellness, Full Participation Reading (FPR), and Technology. Needless to say, Physical Education classes are an active and lively part of every student’s MS life and good health.  In addition, elective components are offered, including Drama, Art, and Music.

In order to mitigate any difficulties students may encounter in their academic performance, Study Support classes and English as a Second Language Support (ESL) are also available (the latter in the 6th grade).

Finally, extra-curricular activities are a significant portion of a student’s MS experience at CIPLC.  Besides joining teams in basketball, volleyball, and soccer, after-school clubs such as chess, Yearbook, Eco Club, the Global International Network (GIN), and Teams Linking Communities (TLC) are other options.  These last three reflect CIPLC’s commitment to community service and preserving a clean environment.

CIPLC Middle School – the place where fun, challenges, and growth meet.

High School at CIPLC is an endeavor! Students have their sights set on Colleges and Universities in the USA and South America. The High School consists of ninth through twelfth grades similar to a High School in the United states. The language of instruction is English, but all of our students go through a Spanish curriculum also.

The CIPLC High School classes are small and inviting. We offer a wide range of A.P. courses and a number of Virtual High School courses to enable our students to compete for top Universities. SAT, ACT, and MAP testing are each regular offerings for our students to rate with the best.

School days start at 7:50am and end officially at 3:00pm, but most of the students can be seen on campus after school for a few hours. The High School sports program is highly competitive and keeps the campus alive even on weekends. If a student is not involved in sports, he or she may be found in the computer labs working on yearbook or setting up the music hall for a concert.