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College Counseling

CIPLC’s Counseling Program aims to support students’ academic, social, and emotional development.  It is our belief that being a student by definition is challenging.  When appropriately challenged, students get to apply, develop, and refine their natural skills, intelligences, and talents.  So by the time CIPLC students reach high school, they are well prepared to embark on the path toward their college/career.  Of course parents are an integral part of this journey too.  CIPLC students and parents can be confident that they will receive the support they need as they face the challenges of school success and beyond.

The following list represents colleges and universities where our students have been offered admission over the past four years:

• American University
• Baylor University
• Boston College
• California State Poly Tech.
• Colorado School of Mines
• University of Chicago
• University of California
• Loyola University
• Northwestern University
• Purdue University

• Rice University
• Rollins College
• Texas A & M University
• Texas Tech University
• University of Maine
• University of Rochester
• University of Texas Austin
• University of Washington
• Vanderbilt University
• Vanderbilt University

Erin Hatch
Erin Hatch School Counselor

Erin came to Venezuela from Chicago, where she grew up. She received her undergraduate degree in Psychology at Ball State University in Indiana. She has lived in Australia, Florida, and also enjoyed her first international school experience in Honduras. While living in Florida, Erin earned her Master’s in School Counseling at Florida Atlantic University. For the last 9 years she has been a School Counselor in the Chicago area while also earning her Master’s in School Administration at Benedictine University. In her free time, she loves to scuba, read, practice yoga, and travel with friends. She is looking forward to living in the tropics and enjoying all that the CIPLC community has to offer her!