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Administration Staff

Noibri Miralles
Noibri MirallesAccountant

Noibri was born in Caracas, Venezuela. In 1996, she moved to Puerto la Cruz and studied Public Accounting in Universidad Santa María. Before she started in CIPLC, Noibri worked as accountant in automotive industry about six years. She loves make delicious desserts, watch movies, read books, travel and spend time with her three boys.


Yessenia was born in Cabimas, Zulia state and she used to live in Maracaibo. She moved to PLC in 2005. She used to work in auditing area with Espiñeira, Sheldon & Asociados. CIPLC was her first client as an Audit Assistant and two years later she started to work at CIPLC as an Accountant and Business Manager Assistant. She holds a degree in Accounting from Universidad Rafael Belloso Chacin (URBE). She enjoys watching TV series, movies and she loves to spend time with her 4 years old girl.

Yessenia Villarroel
Yessenia VillarroelAccounting Assistant
José Cirilo
José CiriloTramitador Externo

José is originally from Puerto Píritu, Venezuela. He has been in CIPLC since 2014. Prior to working in CIPLC he developed in the sales field for more than 15 years. José is now part of the administration department. In his spare time he likes to play soccer and domino. He also enjoys spending time with his two children.