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Student Life

CIPLC students participate in a variety of co-curricular activities spanning all grades, from ECE through high school.  From elementary school cooking club to middle school boys’ basketball to the high school’s Global Issues Network club, the co-curricular program provides a myriad of opportunities that engage students with varied interests.

Athletics activities and sports clubs are available to all students and promote a healthy, active lifestyle.  Opportunities for music and art activities are also available at all divisions.

Groups such as Model United Nations, Teens Linking Communities and other service clubs offer students challenging ways to learn and contribute to society.  CIPLC believes that the emphasis on service at all grade levels helps students form connections between school activities and the outside world. They help give students the sense that their actions do count in helping create a better community.  The school-wide initiative, ‘Make a Change’, challenges all grade levels to complete projects that are shared and celebrated at the yearly Make a Change Symposium.

All faculty members are required to sponsor a co-curricular activity, whether they are coaching a team or heading a club. This provides many opportunities for students and teachers to interact outside the classroom and develop relationships that go beyond their grade, subject area or division, fostering a unified community across campus.