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CIPLC boasts a comprehensive, competitive sports program, for all grades 4-12 (In grade 3 and below it is participatory and recreation based). Students become versed in the rules of the games in their Physical Education courses, then transfer this to the after school sports program where more intense practice and competition take place.

In addition to our excellent Physical Education program, students may begin playing after-school sports in Elementary school, then continue on through Middle and High School. The elementary, JV and Varsity teams participate in EVAC, a league of local area international schools. The middle school and varsity athletes are selected to participate in J_VANAS and VANAS, an association of larger Venezuelan international schools. Games against local teams are also scheduled regularly for teams at all grade levels.

Students in most grades can choose from the following sports at CIPLC:

  • Volleyball
  • Baseketball
  • Soccer and Futbol Sala
  • Hockey (in-line or floor)
  • Softball

Other sports/activities are offered through local, private sources from time to time.  These may include specialty programs such as Self-Defense, Mountain Biking, Swimming, Sailing, Golf, Track & Field and Tennis.


Venezuelan Association of North American Schools.

  1. ECA– Escuela Campo Alegre “Cougars” (Caracas),
  2. EBV -Escuela Bella Vista “Oilers” (Maracaibo),
  3. CICV – Colegio Internacional de Carabobo “Chargers”(Valencia),
  4. ISM – International School of Monagas “Jaguars” (Maturin),
  5. CICC – Colegio Internacional Caracas “Bears”
  6. CIPLC – Colegio Internacional Puerto La Cruz “Geckos” (Barcelona).


Eastern Venezuelan Activities Conference

  1. EA – Escuela Anaco “Guacamayas” (Anaco),
  2. QSI-Tigre – Quality Schools International of El Tigre “Tigers” (El Tigre),
  3. ISM – International School of Monagas “Jaguars” (Maturin),
  4. CIPLC – Colegio Internacional Puerto La Cruz “Geckos” (Barcelona).

For more information on our sport programs and after-school activities please visit our CIPLC SPORTS Home Page or contact:

Coach Alex Barrios
Athletic Director
Colegio International Puerto La Cruz Venezuela (CIPLC)